Frequently Asked Questions

(Beta Version) – This will be expanded over time when we find what you guys want to know.


What exactly is for?

In the simplest terms possible it is a different way to sell and buy items online. It is totally free to use and simple to list. It is different because as well as being able to list an item when it is for sale with the price you want, you can also list the item at the time you are considering thinking of selling it not waiting until you definitely want to sell it. It it totally up to you.


Why list an item before it is actually for sale?

We at believe that some of the combative aspect of selling is removed if potential sellers and potential buyers start dialogue before the item is technically for sale. Because the discussions are all pre the item being for sale each person doesn’t feel the other is trying to get one over on them; less potential for ill will. Our way, it becomes a more complimentary relationship from the outset with more chance of a successful outcome.


Will this cost me money to use this site?

No, it will not. At this time all listing options are free to use. If we change this in the future, you will always be made aware of costs before you proceed with any paid listings.


Do I need to register to use this site?

No, you will be able to search and look at items that are listed without registering to use the site. If you want to contact the lister through the site though, you will need to register, but it is simple and quick to register.


Can I sell my item on here?

We provide a listing service for items before they are technically for sale. However, if two parties decide to actually conduct a sale that is fine with us. Obviously as the sale is nothing to do with us, we make no charge so you save on listing and other fees if you do accomplish a sale.


I cannot see a category that suits the item I want to list what do I do?

If you are keen to list an item we do not yet have a category for, then send us an email from the contact us section on this site and we will add a new category if we do not feel it already falls under an existing category.


My photo will not load.

The usual reason for this is that the photo you are uploading is too big in size. Please make sure your picture is no more than 10MB in size.