A different way to sell and buy  items online.

100% listing control for you. 100% free. No fees at all.

The problem

Many current listing / selling / auction sites charge considerable fees that eat in to your much needed cash reserves and also try to control every aspect of your listing, prohibiting you from doing various things so they protect their income stream.

Our solution



Simply put, our solution is to offer you a totally free to use selling platform that offers an unrestricted selling experience.

We will not charge you any fees for your listing at all.

We will not try and control how you list your item, e.g. listing your contact details etc.

Being free to use, there is nothing to loose and potentially a sale to gain. .

The Consider Element

Often a potential sale can be held up or lost all together because of the pricing of the item. Price it too high and potential buyers can be put off by perceived greed. Price it too low and potential buyers can be put off by concerns there is some issue with the item.  Our way around this is to suggest you list your item with a price you are happy to start negotiations with. This increases the chance of a sale. Equally, if you just want to list a price and stick to it, then do.

Happy listing.

The considerthemarket team.